Saturday, August 4, 2012

Owl Behavior Plan

The treasure box has always been a great reinforcer in my classroom, but with two classes/up to 44 students?! Eek...that's a lot of toys! Well, I found a behavior plan on that incorporates a sticker system based on the classroom behavior chart. For the top three colors on the behavior chart, students receive a certain amount of stickers. When they reach ten stickers, they get a prize from the treasure box. Students have to go above and beyond to get their stickers and earn a trip to the treasure box.

Here is where I found it:

Here is what the original version from the previous website looks like:

Since my behavior chart is different, I had to change this for it to match. While I was at it, I exchanged the smiley faces out for owls so it would match my theme! I also modified the rules so that it includes the "Owl Rules!"

Here is my version:

This is going to be taped into my students' take home folders so parents will have easy access to it while looking at their child's daily report!

The link to this template is on my new blog - Splendor in Kinder


Ashley said...

I love, love, love your behavior plan with the Owls. I just checked your TPT store and didn't see it on there. Any chance I could you e-mail that to me?


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