Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Shape Lacing Cards

Since students come into the classroom at different times, they need some type of "bell work" to do. This keeps them on task and prevents many behavior problems that occur during idle time. I am putting a "workshop" into place during this time.

After students put their things away they will begin their workshop. This will include different tasks that focus on fine motor skills and concepts that we are working on.

One of the tasks will include lacing cards. Instead of buying them, I made my own using things I had at home. This set was made into basic shapes out of construction paper (I'll let you know how well they hold up). I had them laminated and then punched holes into the cards. Next, I measured the yarn, by going around the perimeter or circumference of each shape and then added 6 more inches. I attached the yarn to one hole with a knot and then taped masking tape around the other end of the yarn.

It took a while to do this for all of the cards, but they are finally finished and ready to go!

I will change them out every four weeks or so if they make it that long. This way, students will not get tired of doing the exact same thing.

Keep checking back for more workshop tasks!


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