Sunday, July 29, 2012

Environmental Print Book

I was planning on posting a lot more this summer, until the stress of moving got in the way. By moving, I mean houses. I haven't gotten started on moving into my classroom yet, although my classroom things have moved twice already (from my old school to the old house and from the old house to the new house)!

Before all of the craziness got started, I made an environmental print book for my class. It is full of print students see everyday. Although most of them will not be reading, they will be able to "read" a lot of the things in this book!

Examples pages:

Hopefully the pictures will give you an idea of what it will look like. There is one page per letter. I tried to find as many things as I could think of that kids would know. A couple of the letters were a stretch  - I'm sure you will figure out which ones when you get to them. All in all, I think the students will enjoy it!

Go to my new blog by clicking Environmental Print Book so you can download this freebie!


kdb1983 said...

I just found your blog on Pinterest. Thanks for sharin the Environmental Print Book. I teach Special Ed Pre-K and I think my kiddos will enjoy this!

teacher1234 said...

You're welcome!! I'm glad you like it.

Kelly said...

I love this! I teach K and this is perfect for our beginning of the year unit! Thanks for sharing!

Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

LOVE, LOVE your book! Had to share on my FB page for parents and teachers out there! Thanks so much!!!

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